As an entrepreneur and dreamer, I established Organic & Artisanal Bakery by Rina Fernandez in New Jersey.

As a Bolivian with Spanish roots, who has lived in Peru, I embraced my culture and flavors experimenting with Andean-ancient grains and flours to develop healthy goods just for you, to your family and friends.

Rina Bakery



Our mission is to provide healthy eating habits by offering customers organic artisan, nutritive, low sugar, no preservatives, bakery, and pastry.

We use natural ingredients to sweeten our goods such as organic panela, organic raw cane sugar and honey. Also, we use alternatives flours such a quinoa, pea, corn, rice, whole wheat, bean flour to elaborate cakes, cookies, quiches, PERUVIAN EMPANADAS and ALFAJORES.

Each ingredient is high quality, fresh and daily baked. Our mousses are made with fresh and organic fruits. We can customize our products to make your life a delicious and mouthwatering experience.